Shisha History

”What is Shisha?” Well Shisha (Also called hookah, hooka, huka, nargile, narghile, shisha, shesha, sheesha, nargila, or shishah and even Hubbly Bubbly!)is a unique water pipe device that is used as a smoking tool and has been the standard of smoking for centuries in the Middle East.

Originating in Turkey over 500 years ago, this smoking culture has been the standard for centuries in the middle east and was smoked by royalty and people alike to smoke away the day’s stress.

Today this experience is shared across the world as many people prefer Shisha smoking to cigarettes and cigars because of the smooth, flavourful, and cool taste of the smoke.

Shisha Tobacco (Also called tabac, tombak, tumbak, gouza, guza, moassel, sheesha) tobacco are available in a variety of flavours including apple, apricot, strawberry, cappuccino, mint, peach, mixed fruits and plenty of others. For the non-smokers, a Herbal Alternative is available that contains 0% nicotine and 0% tar yet still manages to contain the all the excitement! We at Shisha Addict believe that this rapidly spreading social device should be spread across all other cultures and Shisha is quickly becoming very fashionable and popular amongst this new generation of smokers.

We guarantee smoking Shisha is like no other smoking experience.